Ron Markus is an experienced writer/producer for German TV-series. Since his graduation from the Certificate Program in Writing for Film and Television at UCLA (Los Angeles) he worked as a writer/producer for various crime formats such as "Letzte Spur Berlin", the German version of "Without a Trace". As a staff writer he has recently been contributing to the first season of Netflix' "Dogs of Berlin", a new TNT-mockumentary about „helicopter parenting“ called "Other Parents" as well as the second season of critically acclaimed "Bad Banks", a drama show about a young investment banker. He won German’s most prestigious TV-award, the Grimme Preis, for his contribution to "Stromberg", the German version of "The Office".


Before becoming a filmmaker, Ron completed a degree in business studies and worked as an International Product Manager for Virgin Music, marketing record releases from acclaimed artists such as George Michael. 


Ron writes in German and English, colloborating with various writers from Germany, England and the US.